YHH Ceramic Tile wholesale carpet porcelain tile with rich patterns!

When people buy new products of tile they are always pay attention to new colors, new specifications or new technology products, but these are just “new products” in the traditional sense. In fact in recent years combined with tile and new technology a number of new tile products spawned.

Combined advantages of carpet tiles with porcelain tiles together, carpet porcelain tile is one of the latest production to meet demands of customer’s decoration by the special process. These beautiful tiles not only can bring the fashion style, warm feeling and elegant visual effect to the house, but also are easy to be clean with waterproof function and longer service life! Classic tile can be used at passage tiles, porcelain tile flooring in the meeting room, living room and any other living space.

Classic Art Carpet Porcelain Tile Advantages:

1.Easy Decontamination: such as cigarette butts twist, sprinkle the juice and so on. You can take direct wipe cloth to clean them, especially simple for public places.

2.Waterproof and anti-skidding: surface of good carpet tile will be made with great effect of bump texture. At the same time there have the good non-slip function to the tiles with the comfortable relaxation.

3.Dust mites: relatively carpet terms.

Classic Art Carpet Porcelain Tile Disadvantages:

1. Not enough dynamic, non-removable (attached to the ground, I think it is troublesome to move them).

2. Real feeling temperature is below than carpet (especially people have a preference for directly sitting, lying, barefoot in the house).

YHH Ceramic Tile develop series of carpet porcelain tile inspired by the variety of carpet tiles with the natural materials. We integrate the Europe latest design elements by the world’s leading fine carving mold in to our design of carpet tiles.

YHH Ceramic Tile wholesale carpet porcelain tile with over 8 years history. The carpet porcelain tiles manufactured by YHH are examples of elegance style and will no doubt add value to any space enhancing the decor in a cost effective way.

Four Reasons to Choose YHH Ceramic Tile:

1. Best price! You will save money on top quality products because you are buying them at the manufacture-direct prices! Do you want to buy the same productions with more cost? No!

2. Customization! Only offer us a photo or sample of your idea, then we will do the left things for you!

3. Quick delivery! The advanced production line assures the high producing efficiency, goods are shipped on time and right to your nearest port!

4. Preferential policies! For our dealer we have more preferential policies! For example: free example, catalog, exhibition in the world, and so on. For more information. Please contact with us:info@ceramicyhh.com.

Type: Carpet Porcelain Tile and K-Golden Tile
Feature: Glazed Metallic Tiles with Gilding
Size: 1600*1600 mm, 1600*1800 mm, 1600*2400 mm, 
2400 *2400 mm or customized.
Raw Porcelain Tile: 800*800 mm ,600*600 mm, Glazed 
Porcelain Tile Piece
Water absorption: 1%~3%
Color Family: mixed, Carpet Patterns
Quality: Grade AAA
Interior Tiles, flooring in the kitchen,
meeting room, saloon, passage and so on.
Commercial: especially for hotel, shop passage
Function: Acid-Resistant, Non-Slip, Wear-Resistant 
and so on.
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