Seven Steps to Choose Right Wood Look Tile

Usually wood ceramic tile flooring will work for a long period of time without displacement. To get right tile flooring we need focus on not only price, but also size, color models, matching, services etc.. For years more and more consumers have a preferences for wood look tiles (ceramic tile flooring) in the building materials market. Meanwhile a variety of unknown brand products with poor quality flood to the market. So we need take more attention to choose them. Now let’s have a look about how to choose right wood look tiles:

1. look, the lessrepeatof texture, the better effect
With the natural beauty of hardwood luxury wood look tile will be named just under the condition that texture from at least tens piece of wood plank does not repeat. You can achieve a large area naturalness effect.

luxury wood look tile --YHH Ceramic Tile

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2.aesthetic, unique design

Everyone enjoys their unique house. Tile is one of the base material to the floor and wall occupied most of the area in one house. Meanwhile good design for the tile flooring will affect the final effect for the total house.

3.question, advanced technology

Digital ink-jet is the latest production technology of ceramic tiles at present. The working principle is similar with office color printer : the same idea in different areas. This technique has been introduced to domestic equipment in recent two or three years, so there just have some of enterprises can be good sat control it. However, skills of technical mastery directly affect the quality of products.


The touch of wood brick is also very important to choose tiles. Wood tile with high quality has uneven surfaces with natural texture, rings, and other details.

Wood tile with high quality - YHH Ceramic Tile

5.excellent physical properties

Home is the most intimate place for us, and everything at home can affect our mood. The quality of wood grain ceramic tile in your house must be good enough to bring least trouble in the usual life.

So physical properties is very important, such as if the specification is complete, if the flatness of the water absorption is higher than the general standard? wear factor is at least 0.4 above, if the non-slip coefficient and if the fouling factor meets with the national standard.

6. know, “the story behindtile”

Glaze plays an important role in the production of tile. the quality control is directly related to the stability of product. The origin of glaze, quality products need to be known before shopping.

wood effect ceramic tiles - YHH Ceramic Tile_meitu_2

7.pleasure, real space

Everyone of home owners wants to get stunning decoration effect for their home decoration. Therefore, thinking about other cases then combined the final real effect in yourself house, it is a good reference to get the decoration effect wanted.

So, if you want to get wood tile flooring with high quality, firstly check how much repeated part and the unique design, then touch and feel the texture. Communicate with sales and use the experience of other cases, then you can get the decoration space!

For more details or patterns for the wood finish tile flooring from the ceramic tile manufacturer , please contact with us.

3 Tips to Choose Kitchen Tiles

1.Ceramic Tile Kitchen Floor

In order to avoid the waste and unnecessary loss of kitchen tiles in the decoration process we recommend try to use tiles flooring with a smaller size, such as:300*300 mm or 300*600mm, at the same time it is easy to maintain the space coordination and reduce cutter inconvenience due to the use of large-sized tile. Besides that it is good for the water discharge with the much crack of tiles.Ceramic Tile Kitchen Floor

2.Kitchen Wall Tiles

Usually wall tiles in kitchen should be used tile with matt surface which is easy to clean with good waterproof, non-slip effect, as well as to play a very good decorative effect. Maybe you can add some of border tiles to match with the kitchen wall , then the kitchen will be look life and brilliant.Ceramic Tile Kitchen Backsplash

3.Ceramic Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Mostly people use the kitchen in high temperature environments, so the selection of color for the tile backsplash should be based on light colors and cool colors, such as: white, light green, light gray, light yellow and others, then you can dilute some discomfort from a high temperature. Light color can be a good regulation of human imagination by effect the space and ease the dull and depressing.