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Glazed tile is one kind of most popular tiles in the building materials. By surface it is divided into two kinds: gloss tile and matt tile. By the raw material: glazed ceramic tile which is made from the fired clay with high water absorption and the main feature – red back of tile; glazed porcelain tile which is made from the porcelain clay with the low water absorption and gray back.

Glazed Tiles include glazed ceramic tile, glazed porcelain tile, glazed mosaic tile, glazed wall tile, glazed floor tile, glazed bathroom tile, glazed porcelain floor tiles and so on.


Glazed tiles have wide selection for the size and rich patterns. In the performance it has the strong dirt capacity, so they are widely used as wall tiles and flooring tiles in the decoration.

Glazed porcelain floor tiles: kitchen tile flooring, bathroom tile flooring, meeting floor tiles.

Glazed wall tiles: kitchen wall tile, bathroom wall tile and so on.

Rustic Tiles:

Rustic tiles is one of the most popular kinds of glazed tile.

Rustic tiles can be used as tile flooring and wall tiles within a home or business. It also can serve as a backsplash or counter-top material in the kitchen or bathroom and meeting room, where it can create European and old world.

3 Tips to Choose Kitchen Tiles

1.Ceramic Tile Kitchen Floor

In order to avoid the waste and unnecessary loss of kitchen tiles in the decoration process we recommend try to use tiles flooring with a smaller size, such as:300*300 mm or 300*600mm, at the same time it is easy to maintain the space coordination and reduce cutter inconvenience due to the use of large-sized tile. Besides that it is good for the water discharge with the much crack of tiles.

2.Kitchen Wall Tiles

Usually wall tiles in kitchen should be used tile with matt surface which is easy to clean with good waterproof, non-slip effect, as well as to play a very good decorative effect. Maybe you can add some of border tiles to match with the kitchen wall , then the kitchen will be look life and brilliant.

3.Ceramic Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Mostly people use the kitchen in high temperature environments, so the selection of color for the tile backsplash should be based on light colors and cool colors, such as: white, light green, light gray, light yellow and others, then you can dilute some discomfort from a high temperature. Light color can be a good regulation of human imagination by effect the space and ease the dull and depressing.

Rustic Floor Tile Advantages

1. Perfect anti-fouling effect

With thick glaze layer rustic floor tile can keep the dirt from permeating into the floor so that it is very easy to clean.

2. Easy to clean and maintain

Why rustic floor tile could be the best choice for the decoration? Maybe it is simply due to it’s incredibly durable (they can last for decades on condition properly maintained). They are very easy to clean and maintain. This means much less time needed to keep your home up-to-date and much more time simply enjoying the beautiful look, ceramic floor tile will bring all of this to you.

3. Nice skid resistance

Rustic Floor Tile is different with normal polished tiles. After fired at a high temperature it gets better friction factor of skin. There is nothing to worry about that your kids or any old people slip at flooring when there has water at some unnoticeable place.

4. Classic design

On this point you will find that rustic floor tile can be even designed to look exactly like hardwood flooring! There actually is not good reason not to choose the long-term rustic ceramic solutions. It will keep in classic for a long time, so make your house beautiful and classic.

5. Wide selection

Variety selection with size, such as: 300*300 mm for wash-room or kitchen, 600*600 mm for saloon , meeting room, or any other living space.

6. Environmental protection

Good ceramic floor tile won’t be warped or faded with time by major modifications in humidity or by long-term exposure to sunlight. The color with glazed rustic tile shows low gloss to avoid light pollution. It is good for the environment.

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Type: Glazed Ceramic Tile, Glazed Porcelain
Tile Size: 300*300 mm, 300*600 mm, 600*600 mm, 
800*800 mm or customized
Colour Family: Multi, white, black, gray, yellow, 
brown and so on.
Tile Thickness: 10 mm
 1. Indoor/Outdoor Commercial/Residential
 2. Flooring, wall tiles in guest room,bathroom, 
    kitchen and other living space.
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