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Full polished glazed porcelain tile is different with the ordinary polished tile. Polished glazed tile adopt one special crystal glaze at the surface after high temperature. It can keep highlight for a long time without dimming and make the house look light, bright, clean and magnificent.

Polished Glazed Tile Advantages

As one of the growing tiles flooring full polished glazed tiles are getting more approve from customers with their high grade AAA. If you are planing a new house, new kitchen or new bathroom, please think about polished glazed flooring with good functions.

Bright and soft surface

As covered with a special layer of crystal glaze polished at the last process production make the overall tile like three -dimensional structured. The tile looks bright and imaged.

Richer patterns

Polished glazed tiles have bright colors and natural texture. Their patterns look unique and can meet needs of different consumer preferences. There has many choice for you to make one room you want.

Longer service life

It is three times service life than general powder bricks due to the thick glaze.

Perfect Waterproof

The simple polished tile has the gap at the surface b, the full polished glazed tile is fully water proof and air proof, because the thick glaze block that, you can be relieved when the water , dirt dropped at the flooring.
Easier to Clean

However, if you’re asking why choose glazed polished tile, one of the most simple answers is “easy to clean” Tile will let you do that, and when the tile is glazed and polished, it’s even more resistant to moisture and other stains. For many people, ease of cleaning is the only reason they need in order to choose this style of flooring over others.

There is a difference between rustic tile and polished glazed tile, also simple polished tile. Then what is the application areas for polished glazed tile compared with another?

Applications: Family (Residential/Interior/Floor)

Full polished glaze tile is suitable for home decoration, it can be used in the bedroom, den, or living room, bathroom and kitchen in any living space. For example white ceramic floor tiles in bathroom:

And application areas ordinary tile floor is the same, than polished or antique tile applications wider.

Application areas: office (Commercial/Interior/Floor/Counter-tops/Back-splashes)

Besides for the home decoration full polished glaze tile is also suitable for office building as the commercial ceramic tile. But we recommend only applies to some place reflects the company image, such as the company’s reception, such as the company’s conference room, elevator, etc.

Full polished glaze tile with light surface and natural texture can enhance the company’s image and improve the company’s taste.

Application areas: welfare places (Commercial/Interior/Floor/Wall)

In addition to the home and office full polished glaze tile also can used for some public welfare places, such as museums or science museums. You also can install them to the airport places to enhance the finish and create a sense of space.

Overall the application of full polished glazed tile is very wide.

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Type: Polished Glazed Porcelain
TileSize: 300*300 mm, 300*450 mm, 400*400 mm, 
600*600 mm, 800*800 mm, 1000*1000 mm or customized
Tile Thickness: 10-11 mm
Color Family: Multi, white, black, gray, yellow, 
brown and so on.
Material: Porcelain
Water Absorption: <0.5%
Glossiness: > 90%
1. Flooring tiles, wall tiles in bathroom, kitchen
 and other living space.
2. Hotel lobby flooring, airport, super market,
 shopping mall,warehouse flooring big project.
3. Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
4. Commercial/Residential:Commercial/Residential
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