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Porcelain tile is made from natural stone after high temperature sintering. Due to the high temperature tiles get a good degree of porcelain, water absorption is less than 0.5% and moisture expansion is extremely small. So advantages for porcelain tile is obvious: high bending strength, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, longer working life, thaw cycle 20 times without visible defects at -15 °C to 20 °C.

Difference Between Ceramic Tile and Porcelain Tile

Speaking of “Ceramic Tile” and “Porcelain Tile” many people may think that is not the same one? In actual fact the raw material of “Ceramic Tile” is Ceramic, but for “Porcelain Tile” is Porcelain, but what difference between these? Should we install Ceramic tile or porcelain tile?

Firstly, between ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles their physical properties are completely different. Ceramic tiles water absorption is usually around 10%, while Porcelain tiles water absorption is less than 0.5%, so that ceramic tiles generally are used for wall decoration and porcelain tiles are installed on ground decoration mostly.

Secondly, fundamental differences between them is physical properties.

1. Porcelain tiles with lower water absorption is suitable for floor coverings. Ceramic tiles are with glazed surface and higher moisture content, at the same time the back of ceramic tile is rough, so it is conducive to the adhesive paste on the wall.

2. Due to rich color pattern and strong anti-pollution ability ceramic tiles are widely used as wall tiles. The common problems are cracked, bleeding back. Mainly because of high water absorption of ceramic tiles.

3. Porcelain tile has hard ware properties but poor anti-fouling ability, it is suitable for most space except the bathroom, kitchen and indoor environment.

4. Porcelain tile will not stick firmly to the wall but ceramic tile with too much water absorption in the ground then it will be difficult to install.
So when we plan to choose tiles we must pay attention to porcelain tiles vs ceramic tiles difference then check their physical characteristics in more detail also, at the ending install them according to their functional requirements.

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Type: Carpet Porcelain Tile and K-Golden Tile
Feature: Glazed Metallic Tiles with Gilding
Size: 1600*1600 mm, 1600*1800 mm, 1600*2400 mm, 
2400 *2400 mm or customized.
Raw Porcelain Tile: 800*800 mm ,600*600 mm, 
Glazed Porcelain Tile Piece
Water absorption: 1%~3%
Color Family: mixed, Carpet Patterns
Quality: Grade AAA
Application: Interior Tiles, flooring in the kit
chen, meeting room, saloon, passage and so on.
Commercial: especially for hotel, shop passage
Function: Acid-Resistant, Non-Slip, Wear-Resistant 
and so on.
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