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Ceramic wall tile is one kind of ceramic tiles and mainly is used for the interior wall decoration as kitchen wall tiles and bathroom wall tiles or other interior wall tiles. There have high requirement for the glazed flatness and smoothness of wall tiles to ensure easy to clean. Due to this demand the raw material for the inner of wall tiles is ceramic.

3 Tips to Choose Kitchen Wall Tiles

In view of the characteristics of glazed ceramic tile is easy to clean, resistant to abrasion and acid, other features, besides that a variety of patterns can be made of different decorative properties. Decorative tiles added with bright borders to match with kitchen wall tile is able to harvest excellent durability and decorative effect. So how can we get the wall tiles wanted?

1. Ensure the Kitchen Wall Tiles Designs

Different interior style need a different mix of skills. For most indoor kitchen with the pastoral style antique tile or rustic tile, such as red ceramic tiles added with the gray borders, plus classical tile flooring can harvest very good results.

For modern-style home walls, two trendy color black and white tile wall tiles can bring people a strong trend of fashion sense. Maybe you can try to use light and texture with gray borders to match with them, it will show outstanding style features.

Different style interior has its own special with independent characteristics, before choose wall tiles for your kitchen, please ensure the style of you want, then it will be easy to get it.

2. Kitchen Tiles Color

Kitchen wall is generally used mostly wall tiles with light color, such as white wall tiles, because the impression of kitchen is clean, tidy, relaxed, pleasant, so the deep color will seem a bit depressed.

3. Behind of The Cabinet Should Be Covered With Tiles Also

Today many families will buy complete sets of cabinets. Do not think about cupboard space behind the block where cannot see anyway, but in fact the part of the wall behind the cabinet also should be covered with tiles too.

Firstly it is the best protector for the waterproofing layer of kitchen wall. Secondly kitchen wall tiles will greatly reduce the erosion to cabinets and prevent mold deformation. Thirdly it is good to maintain the appearance and protect the cupboard cabinets’ life. Especially there have white cabinets in the kitchen.

There are rich patterns of tiles for kitchen walls, you can get unexpected decorative effect with any style installation.

Bathroom Wall Tiles

Wall tiles is a very important part of bathroom, so how to choose the Bathroom Wall Tiles? There have 5 skills to choose tile color and texture.

1.Bathroom walls tiles must be waterproof and also has anti-corrosion and anti-mildew.

2.Bathroom Wall Tile Colors:

Firstly, color for the bathroom wall tile is based on the overall style of the bathroom. Secondly follow by your favorite color. However most of families now have small apartment for the bathroom, so that color for bathroom tile is better to choose tile with light color to improve the light of the bathroom, such as white and yellow wall tiles. Do not choose a black or dark color. Light color can reflect light from the line of sight, it can make the bathroom look more spacious and bright.

3.Usually bathroom wall tiles adopt glazed tiles through processed with rich color patterns and strong anti-fouling ability.

4.Bathroom wall tiles gloss or matt

Gloss: good reflective effect, make the bathroom looks bright! Easy to take care.

Matt: Light-sensitive soft! Without light pollution!

The choice of matt or light depends mainly on the requirements from environment.

When the bathroom is in a dark environment just with a small window even without any window, then we recommend to use wall tiles with gloss surface in favor of energy-saving light reflection and lighting.
When there have big and light bathroom in the house, maybe you can try wall tiles with matt surface. Due to they will have a better natural lighting and can bring the elegant and classic style.

5.Bathroom wall tiles should to be non-slip, wear-resistant for ourselves safety.

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