YHH Ceramic Tile Wholesale Wood Look Tile from China!

Wood Look Tile with rich patterns: wood finish tile can achieve a variety of patterns, shapes and color characteristics of hardwood so that it can supply wide selection for customers. Therefore you can find the suitable wood ceramic tile whether any style you want to match ground in your house.

Wood Look Tile Advantages:

1.Richer patterns

Now wood tiles can supply more beauty that real wood flooring does. Each tiles have itself designs by the original designer which give them the life and symbolic meaning, every customers can find their wanted tiles with their best feeling.

2. Durable

The raw material from nature stone shows more superiority during tile life service. So you will not worry water in any time, especially for your lovely cats, small dogs, and almost every pets like wood tiles more.

3. Easy to clean

There has one glaze in the surface of wood tile. So it is very easy to clean, you can use any cleanser essence without worry about the destroying.

4. Price is reliable

Usually the cost for the hardwood flooring is big, but the budget of ceramic tiles is lower.

5. Good for environment

The material of ceramic tiles is nature stone without any harmful substance, for example: formaldehyde and so on. It can be used and good to be used with underfloor radiant heating.

It also can reduce the use of trees to keep the safety of the whole environment in the world.

So when you need make a new style for your house I recommend you to think about the wood tile instead of hardwood flooring, it maybe your good choice.


1. Wood tile floor

The size of wood tile usually is rectangular: 150*600 mm, 150*800 mm, 150*900 mm, 200*1000mm), but there also has another size: 800*800 mm, 600*600 mm, rustic tile with wood finish.

Due to wood tile with long body is looks like the hardwood flooring, so the majority is rectangular size. In fact wood tile with square size also have big market and many advantages. It is easier to install and there will be less gap and easier to clean. So you can choice it by you requirements.

2. Wood wall tile

Ceramic Wood Tile Texture
YHH Ceramic Tile develop four series of wood look tile including: M, Q, S, T Series.

Wood Look Tile Price:

YHH Ceramic Tile Wholesale Wood Look Tile with Rich Patterns!

When buying China Wood Ceramic Tile from YHH, Ceramic Tile Manufacturer of repute and having over 20 years’ experience in producing value added ceramic tiles, you get a host of benefits.

Four Reasons to Choose YHH Ceramic Tile:

1. Best price!You will save money on top quality products because you are buying them at the manufacture-direct prices! Do you want to buy the same productions with more cost? No!

2. Customization!Only offer us a photo or sample of your idea, then we will do the left things for you!

3. Quick delivery!The advanced production line assures the high producing efficiency, goods are shipped on time and right to your nearest port!

4. Preferential policies!For our dealer we have more preferential policies! For example: free example, catalog, exhibition in the world, and so on. For more information. Please contact with us:info@ceramicyhh.com.

Type: Wood Look Tile
Tile Size: 150*600 mm, 150*800 mm, 150*900 mm, 
200* 1000 mm, 600*600 mm, 800*800 mm or customized
Tile Thickness: 10 mm
Color Family: Multi,White. Browns, Blacks ,
 Gray and so on
Water Absorption: <0.5%
Glossiness : > 90%
1. Flooring, wall tiles in a bathroom, kitchen and 
other living space.
2. Indoor/Outdoor, Commercial/Residential
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